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Techware Dynamics provides HR solutions to streamline the management of employee tasks in the cloud as well as on premises including software solutions for Time & Attendance and sotware solutions Payroll and HR. Techware Dynamics also provides specialised solutions, software and hardware for the Agricultural as well as  Fuel Management sectors.

  • Time & Attendance

    Cloud solution for small business

    Your workforce is your most important asset and your biggest cost so why not manage your people on Techware T&A. Our system is proven to save you time, improve productivity and save on your salary cost.

    Face recognition, Fingerprint or Eye Retina scanner

    Simplify the inaccurate and tedious process of manually recording employee attendance. Use biometric fingerprint or facial recognition to automate time tracking and complex shift rules. We help you control labour costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

  • Payroll, Human Resources & HRMS

    Sage VIP Premier

    A solid and stable solution delivers excellent features and ROI. Available in 30 African countries.

    Sage People300

    The Sage flagship of payroll & HR solutions. It is feature rich with a great user interface. The system is highly configurable and aimed at mid-market users. Available in 18 African countries.

  • Agricultural Workforce Management

    Labour Data Collection

    Techware AWM is aimed at streamlining labour data collection in the field. We use portable weigh scales and fingerprint readers to record units harvested, hours worked, what fields etc. This data integrates seamlessly with our payroll solutions

  • Farming ERP, Agricultural ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning

    We have created an ERP solution designed specifically for complex agriculture practises. This allows farming to move away from traditional paper based systems and use technology to enhance efficiencies and profitability in their businesses.


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